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Ways to be Positively Involved:


Learn the game: Patient, consistent, and frequent exposure to the game will help you and your child learn all the basics about the game: the rules, field positions, and how the game is played.


Practice encouragement: Truly believe that every athlete is capable of learning the game and becoming a champion - even those whose skills have been underdeveloped. Be really familiar with your own child's strengths, skills, and abilities.


Be realistic: Set manageable goals with your child, instead of always communicating high expectations. Let your child have fun while playing freely and intuitively. Don't always focus on results, rankings and statistics. It's not about winning and losing, but how you play the game.


Rally the troops and volunteer: It's a good idea to support the coach and program as much as possible. 


Be social: Meet the athletes and their families and learn their names.  Value the social interaction with the team, making sure your communication with the coaches, parents and children is always positive and encouraging.


Practice sportsmanship. Never criticize the other athletes or teams. Encourage conversation about the diverse strengths and contributions of every team player.


Be Positive: Practice positive mental game strategies with your child: Help them learn how to stay composed during crunch time, not be afraid to make mistakes, and focus on having fun.


Build memories: Take lots of pictures and enjoy the game. 


Be supportive: Of course, the biggest thing is that you are there. Go to the games and support not only your player, but the other players as well.